Research and Publications

I specialize in documentary archival research as well as writing and research around digital heritage, cultural policies and cultural sector nuances.

  • Publication: Where is the seeker who searches for another – Decolonial approaches to digital public history – International Public History, 2024

  • Co-producer and Co-host: Access For Who? podcast on digital restitution and its complexities – Open Restitution Africa

  • Lead documentary researcher: Post -Colonial – We are Not The Machine

  • Publication:  Unearthing Kenya’s foundational silences – London or Nairobi?– International Inventories Program – Kenya / Germany – March 2021

  • Publication:  Reimagining time, reconstructing space: Visual approaches to Mau Mau history in Kenya – Trigger magazine – Belgium – July 2020
  • Publication: Digital skills Gaps in Kenya’s Cultural Heritage Industry. Cultural Heritage for Inclusive Growth – British Council – March 2020
  • Publication: Reclaiming Colonial Architecture – The Case of  Kenya’s railway stations:    Architectural Guide – Sub Saharan Africa – 2020

  • Research: Embedding intangible histories to 3D digital heritage as a catalyst to exploring links between tangible and intangible pasts – University of Glasgow/Glasgow School of Art – Aug 2017
  • Research: Digital Curation and Preservation in Heritage Institutions – A case study on the Kenya National Archives – Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology Aug 2015