Becoming headstrong historian

The name Headstrong Historian  is taken from  a short story I read  when I was 18 . This story largely inspired me to set out in search of my own history and identity when I had a strong conviction to do so but very little direction on where to start… In some ways the Headstrong Historian story is a reflection of my life. I’m extremely glad to have chosen this path and to be working in the spaces I am today.

My first venture into digital heritage was a history blog I wrote  between 2012 – 2016. The blog, (Thee Agora) curated random bits of Kenyan history that I stumbled upon in books and archives. Since then, my work has grown immensely but I always remember what my little blog gave me – A platform to share my interests and an audience to keep me motivated.

I am unashamedly passionate about African culture and history. I strongly feel that technology has created new ways for us to express, explore and engage with our cultural pasts and presents. Opening avenues to create new narratives and challenge colonial stereotypes about who we were and who we are.

Working to map out digital futures within African history has been a challenging and inspiring journey. I hope to continue learning, innovating and sharing as I go on.


It wasn’t that they had lived longer or that they had seen more, the labor of the old soul was in the breadth of its life, not the length of it.

The ability to maneuver their way through decades and centuries, to extract from the past what was lacking in the present.

Sometimes in their journeys across time they got tangled up in the wires. Occasionally finding themselves stuck in a strange decade, suspended hopelessly in mid air, hands flailing, feet dangling.

There would be brief moments of panic but if they stayed still, they would understand that those moments of pause and disarray were actually moments to replenish.

See a part of you was always left behind in the times and places you visited.

If you travelled back too many times, you’d risk not having the strength to return to the present. And if you stayed too long in the present, you’d risk forgetting how to travel back into the past.

The art of living was in finding that elusive balance… Loving oneself enough to be present and being brave enough to make those daring, unpredictable journeys over and over again.

…Excerpts from a time travelling manifesto…

Yours in past and present,