Fellowships and Residencies


Fellow – Yale University, Institute for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage

February 2024 – June 2025

Yale Directors Forum is a fellowship program tailored for leaders of museums, cultural centers, libraries, archives, and heritage sites, all of which play an integral role in preserving cultural heritage for present and future generations in Africa. The 18-month program seeks to give participants the opportunity to work with leading experts at Yale and across the globe, and receive personalized executive coaching and advisory services on the preservation and care of collections.

In Nov 2023 Chao was selected as fellow in the program’s inaugural cohort. More on the program

Public Historian in Residence – Luxembourg Centre for Contemporary and Digital History

Oct 2023 – Nov 2023

In Oct 2023, Chao was selected as a public historian in residence at the University of Luxembourg’s Centre for Contemporary and Digital History (C2DH). As part of the residency Chao, delivered guest lectures, engaged in conversations with various teams and researchers at the C2DH as well as fostered future avenues for collaboration and publication.

Guest Lecture: Plurality and Purpose: Strengthening digital heritage eco-systems in Africa’s museum sector

Fellow – University of Loughbourgh, Institute of Advanced Studies

Visiting fellow 2021 – 2022, under the annual theme, AI: Facts, Fictions and Futures. More