Echoes of Colonialism, 2023

In 2023, Kenya celebrated 60 years of independence from Britain. On this milestone anniversary, this documentary unveiling an exclusive investigation into the ongoing crimes perpetrated by Britain’s military in Kenya—the largest such presence in Africa. Echoes of Empire: British Neocolonialism in Kenya, exposes the British military’s attempts to conceal alleged sex crimes and murder by its troops, along with declassified documents that meticulously detail shocking evidence of torture and rape during the era of British colonial rule.

A Very British Way of Torture, 2022

A Very British Way of Torture is a film by Ed McGown and produced by Rob Newman. Piecing together survivor testimonies and expert analysis from British and Kenyan historians, this film tells a complete and detailed story for the first time of how Britain was involved in systemic torture – including accounts of murders, rapes and forced castrations. – Source

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  • Produced by: Rogan Productions, 2022